Wearable comfort, a classic that you can't put it down.


Functional sporty, a combination of power and beauty of Men.


Simplicity fashion, a feeling of stability to be confident anytime.




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UNDERSTAND-A Japanese brand of men's underwear.

Hope to make our lifestyle more open-minded and interesting by a ordinary underwear we wear every day.
There is "something" in our body / under the underwear.
Each of us has our own expectations and goals for life,
and also has some stories and secrets that we don’t want to share easily.
The part people can't see is usually the most important thing for us.

Underwear is the same...
Not only does it need to bring us comfort in our daily life,
but also have to make us confident bravely to declare our fashionable taste and personality when it needs to be seen.
UNDERSTAND's original intention is to make such a pair of underwear that we want to wear every day.

UNDERSTAND means we understand ourselves.
we also expected all you guys can get your
when you need.